How to choose the ideal backpack for your child!

The children's backpack will follow your baby in its early years.
From daycare to kindergarten, the children's bag is a must and should hold all their essentials or all their favorite toys.
It is even used by older children for their outdoor activities, to store a snack, a water bottle and some toys.

How to choose the right baby backpack:

Among all the bags out there, it can be difficult to make the right choice. Your child goes to daycare regularly and starts to walk on his own, like a big child... This is the perfect time to find the right school bag.

You will need to consider several criteria:

The size

The size of your baby's backpack is a key criterion. Your child is still very young and has only been walking for so long, it is unthinkable to make him wear a very large backpack. The bag must fit his size without exceeding the height of his back. Your child grows quickly, prefer a bag with adjustable handles to easily adapt to their development.


Backpacks for babies are designed to make it easy to carry their favorite accessories. We all know that kids love to hide little treasures in their bags.

The material

Natural materials such as linen or cotton are preferred for all child care accessories, such as changing tables, toiletries, or children's backpacks. The cotton canvas is very sturdy. It stands up to time, washes, and the many adventures of your little pumpkin.

The cotton canvas is stiff enough to give the accessories a nice shape, without warping over time.

The price

The baby bag will follow you for many years, until Primary. So make sure to get quality accessories that will last over time. Avoid low prices which are often equated with poor quality.

The color

The colors should match both a girl's and a boy's backpack.

Make your choice based on your child's preferences or even your home decor for a nice harmony.

What to put in the kindergarten bag

In a small preschool bag, you need to store all the essentials for your baby, everything that may be needed for sleeping, what can be used in case of an accident, etc.

Never forget:

Dodo Tip: When babies enter a place full of other children, remember to label each of these accessories,even a small bag, with their first name. This prevents them from getting lost or mixed up with others.